Training is available in below technologies:


IOT (Internet of Things)


Cloud Computing (AWS, AZURE)


SAAS (Software as a Service)



TECH CONCEPT HUB provides training in colleges on emerging technologies.


Why student needs training on emerging technologies?

Gone are the days when IT (Information technology) used to be just business enabler, now a day’s IT is about competitive advantage. Organizations are using technologies to streamline their business operations and stay ahead of competition.

Normally a large organization will use many applications for automation of their business processes. These applications are build using various technologies. Now a days, there are many technologies emerging day by day like Internet of things, Block chain, Cloud computing, Machine learning, SAP etc.

Business prefers new technology over previous technology due to below reasons:

Increased speed of business: 

New technologies make business applications work faster, this increases their speed of business.

-Reduction of cost:

New technologies offer application development and maintenance at lower cost.

-Solution to specific problem:

New technology provides solution to specific business problem for example Machine learning, which can be used to automate processes and make business operations faster.


From a college student’s perspective:

Even before a college student enters the industry, he/she needs to be aware of new technologies. Technologies are so much interconnected that it becomes a challenge for someone to understand holistic view without guidance from industry experts/ working professionals.

Students tend to appreciate technology more when they get answer to below three questions:

What is the problem?

Why is the problem?

How the solution is going to work?

This is where we provide help.


What do we offer? What is our expertise?

We provide training workshop in colleges. Our conceptualized training workshop is a perfect platform for students to learn about new technologies.

Our trainers are working professionals with 8+ years of experience.


Key features of training program:

Holistic view:

Training covers various aspects of technology like hardware, software, programing languages, teams involved.

Real world business requirement:

Training covers not just technical aspects of technology but also share examples as to how technology is used in real world.


We give demo on use of technology so that students can understand the concepts better.

Career guidance:

We provide guidance to student on how they can enter the industry with specific skills.

Objective of training program is to bridge the gap between student’s aspirations and real world demands of skill in job industry. Our training program ignites the desire in student’s mind to learn more about technology and get ready for future challenges.

Training is available in technologies like  IOT (Internet of Things), Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Python, SAAS (Software as a Service), SAP HANA, success factor.


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