Success Factor trainer profile:

Success factor training is provided by working professional with 7+ years of experience and training experience of more than 3 years.

He has been awarded by client for his contribution in implementing success factor in client's organization.

So far trainer has trained many professionals. Till now we have received very good feedback about the trainer from students who got trained by the trainer.

success factor training syllabus

Training method:

Theory and practical both go hand in hand. We totally understand the importance of hands-on experience. Hence we put lot of emphasis on hands-on experience. 

SF server access (remote connection) is provided which student can access even from their home and do the practise.

Purpose of training is that by the end of training course, student should be confident to face interview.

We work really hard with our students and we do expect students also to put equal efforts. Students are expected to practice as much as possible and raise questions/ doubts with trainer.


Who should get trained in success factor?

Anybody who aspires to make career in Human resource. Almost all big companies are using success factor to improve their employee management process or human resource department. 

Any professional working in human resource department who wants to advance in career must learn it.

Our students include MBA (HR) graduates as well as working HR professionals who wants to advance in their career.