SAP FICO training syllabus

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SAP FICO training syllabus

About the trainer who provides SAP FICO training

MBA (finance) + SAP certified

Trainer is a working professional with 7 years of experience as SAP FICO consultant. 

Training experience: 3 years 

He is very passionate about providing training and has been providing training since last 3 years. Conducted many corporate training as well.

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SAP FICO training approach

SAP FICO training is going to be a mix of theory as well as practical.

We totally understand the importance of hands-on experience. Hence special emphasis is given to practical. Initially trainer explains the concepts and demonstrates the same on system. Later on students is expected to perform certain task under the guidance of trainer.

SAP FICO training starts from scratch, new company code is created and entire configuration needed for GL, AP, AR, Tax, Asset & Controlling is done for the new company code.

This helps students in understanding integration between SD and FI, MM and FI, FI and Controlling.

Expectation is student should be able to understand not just bit & pieces but should be able to connect all dots and get the whole picture. Student should understand how SAP is helping company to run their business more effectively.

After trainer explains the concept and demonstrates the configuration, Student is expected to do the entire configuration by self and trainer will act as guidance.

We work really hard with our students and we do expect students also to put equal efforts. Students are expected to practice as much as possible and raise questions/ doubts with trainer.


Is it difficult to learn SAP FICO?

SAP FICO is considered as most difficult module to learn. This difficulty may be attributed to high level of integration of other modules with FICO module. FICO is tightly integrated with MM, SD, PP, HR modules. 

Due to this complexity of integration with other modules, for someone new it becomes very difficult to figure out where to start from.

Hence you need a trainer who can guide you, who can help you understand concepts in logical order. 

You tend to appreciate sap more when you understand business requirement and also understand how sap is fulfilling the requirement.

Role of trainer becomes very crucial in understanding SAP.

SAP FICO is not difficult to learn provided you get a good trainer.

Below picture depicts training schedule and approach

training schedule and approach