Python Training Syllabus

Python training syllabus

About the Python trainer

The trainer has 4 years of practical experience in python programming and development in various fields like machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, NLP (Natural Language Processing, Web Framework and product innovations. He has versatile knowledge of using python in many different areas across industries.
The trainer is currently working with MNC for American Investment Bank as a python developer and has taken Python training session in his company at the global level. 
His exposure includes:
Python for Scripting
python for Automation
Python for Machine Learning /Artificial Intelligence
Python for Image recognition

Python training with project

Training is going to be a mix of theory as well as practical.

We totally understand the importance of hands-on experience. Hence special emphasis is given to practical. Initially trainer explains the concepts and demonstrates the same on system. Later on students is expected to perform certain task under the guidance of trainer. 

Looking at corporate demand for skill, training focuses a lot on frameworks and various python libraries. To get better hold on python libraries, students will be working on project under the guidance of trainer. This will help students face the real time challenges and grasp python better.

We work really hard with our students and we do expect students also to put equal efforts. Students are expected to practice as much as possible and raise questions/ doubts with trainer.