IOT Training with LIVE PROJECT

IOT training by tech concept hub.
Skills needed in IOT profession

About IOT trainer:

Trainer is a working professional with 4+ years of experience and currently working in IOT domain in a MNC.

After completing masters in computer science, trainer has been working in areas like Android app development, web application development, cloud computing, embedded systems. He is very passionate about robotics and internet of things.

He also has deep knowledge in various programing languages including python. He has been involved in all aspects of IOT including hardware/ sensors, software, gateway, communication protocols, cloud platforms like Azure.

Trainer has the experience of providing training on IOT and he has worked in multiple POC (proof of concept) in IOT domain for client. He is a fullstack IOT developer.


Key features of training program:

Classroom training:

It is a classroom training. Training starts from very basic concepts and gradually moves on to advance topics. Students are encourage to ask as many questions as possible.

Holistic view:

Training covers all aspects of IOT. Hardware/ sensors, software programming, communication gateway, platform.

Learn to develop end-to-end IOT solution:

During training student works on project. Trainer will guide the student in designing and developing an IOT solution.

Career guidance:

Our trainers are working professional in IOT industry. We provide career guidance to our students on how to enter into IOT industry. Student must understand the challenges and opportunities of IOT career

Training approach:

IOT is about interconnection of devices with each other on a common platform “internet”. We believe that IOT can not be learned in isolation, training must cover all aspects of IOT like hardware, software, gateway, platform, web etc.

Theory as well as practical: Along with theoretical concepts, training focuses a lot of practical hands-on experience.

Students are encouraged to interact and ask questions as much as possible. We believe in learning by collaboration.


Objective of IOT training:

For a fresher objective is to get a job.

For working professional objective is to get into IOT industry and give his/her career a forward push.

For a project manager, objective is to know all aspects of IOT like hardware, software, gateway, platform, teams involved etc.

We design our training program as per student’s objective. Our training program starts from very basic concepts and goes to advance topics.

Who should go for IOT training?

Any of below professionals can enter IOT industry

Embedded engineers

Electronics engineers

Network engineers

Data security engineers

Cloud engineers

Software programmers

UI/ UX developers

Mobile application developers

Even a fresher can master any one skill and enter into IOT industry. Fresher must master one skill and should be familiar with all aspects of IOT including hardware, software, gateway, cloud etc.

Future prospects of IOT

As per sources (research papers) available online:

By 2025, number of devices connected (IOT) will reach to 75 billions.

For next 5 years, IOT industry will grow by 27% year by year.

IOT market is expected to reach $920 billion by 2025.

Tech concept hub provides training in IOT with live project.
Application of IOT in future