What is Tech concept hub?

Tech concept hub is a technology training institute. Established by sap experts in 2015 and presently operating in Pune. Currently training courses are offered in all modules of SAP.

Training is provided by trainers who are MNC professionals with sound domain knowledge and training experience.

Training program structure and approach is designed as per of trainee’s objective. 



Why prefer Tech concept hub over other training institutes?

When someone starts learning below are the challenges faced:

  • Information gathered is in bits & pieces.
  • Not able to relate sap with practical business scenario.
  • Not knowing where to start from. Confused with what to learn first and what to learn last
  • Conceptually not clear hence trainees not able to take any step in sap without trainer’s help


How training provided by Tech concept hub helps trainees to overcome this challenge:

  • Our training approach helps you understand concepts not just in isolation but also helps you connect dots to derive complete picture out of it.
  • Every functionality is to provide solution to certain business problem.  When you understand the business requirement then you tend to appreciate sap functionality more and that’s how learning curve begins. Our training approach focuses on explaining sap functionality/ concepts along with practical examples.
  • Concepts are presented in logical order which helps to learn faster.  Institute helps learning students sap from scratch.
  • An activity in actual business has various impacts. Our training course helps you understand how sap modules are interlinked to achieve this?
  • Training content and approach is objective driven and objective is to answer what/ why/ how.




Does institute provide any reference material?

Yes, reference material is provided wherever needed.

These documents are specially created for trainees to help them learn faster. 

  • Concepts are presented in logical order
  • Practical examples are shared for better understanding.
  • Reference to other good quality online documents and videos is provided as link.



Institute provides Classroom training or online training?

Currently only instructor led classroom training is provided.

Online training will be provided in future.



Are trainers certified? Do trainers have training experience?

Yes, trainers are certified. All the trainers are MNC working professionals with sound domain knowledge and have training experience.



What are the methodology/ approach followed in training? How is training conduct?

Training is divided into two phases:

 Phase 1

During the course of training, trainer explains various business scenarios and how sap replicates the same. With trainer guidance trainees keep performing required configurations from scratch. Hence theory and practical go hand in hand.

Trainer takes the lead and trainees follow the trainer.


Phase 2

Business scenarios are provided to trainees.

Trainees are asked to take lead and perform the entire configuration from scratch independently. Trainer takes a back step and serves as guide.



How trainees get hands on experience? Do trainees work on any project?

Yes, trainees do get hands on experience.

During Phase 2 of training, trainees perform the required configuration from scratch to replicate various business scenarios in sap.

Trainer takes a back step and serves as guide.



 What if you are interested in learning only a specific topic rather that entire module, does institute provide training on specific topic?

 We do understand that training objective of candidate who is looking to enter sap industry; candidate already working in sap industry will be different. Training course is custom designed to fulfill trainee’s objective.

 A fresher might need training on entire module but a working professional might need training on specific topics. Hence, institute does provide training on entire module as well as on specific topics.



Does institute provide placement and interview preparation?

No, institute does not provide placement.

Yes, institute does provide placement assistance like resume building, interview preparation, mock interview.



 How to contact Tech concept hub?

Click on below link, fill up the contact form and submit.