Corporate training is available in below technologies:


IOT (Internet of Things)


Cloud Computing (AWS, AZURE)


SAAS (Software as a Service)




TECH CONCEPT HUB provides corporate training in technology to IT companies.


Our trainers are industry experts and working professionals with 8+ years of experience.

Key features of training program:

Holistic view: 

Employees need to understand that business prefers new technology over previous technology due to below reasons:

Increased speed of business: New technologies make business applications work faster, this increases their speed of business.

Reduction of cost: New technologies offer application development and maintenance at lower cost.

Solution to specific problem: New technology provides solution to specific business problem for example Machine learning and Internet of things can be used to automate processes and make business operations faster.

We believe that technology can’t be learned in isolation, understanding from various angles is needed. Training focuses on all aspects “business point of view, developers points of view, hardware, software, programing languages, teams involved and shareholders affected”.


Training approach: 

We don’t rely much on pdf documents. We believe in conceptual understanding along with practical demonstration.

Real world business examples/ Demo/ case study:  Trainer uses case study to explain concepts and use of technology. Trainer explains concepts along with practical demo.

Training as per target audience: We design our training program as per audience requirement. Training requirement of project manger, sales team, senior developers or junior employees will be different and hence accordingly we design our corporate training program.


Objective of training program:

Our corporate training program is to enable employees to learn new skills and technologies as quickly as possible. This helps employees to get ready for new challenges. Our training program bridges the gap between employee’s current skills and demand for new skills.


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