Welcome to TECH CONCEPT HUB – Technology training institute

We provide training keeping in mind that our trainees are our brand ambassadors.

  • Learn technology from scratch.
  • Get hands on experience.
  • Instructor led training.
  • Quality training by industry experts with domain knowledge and training experience.
  • Training methodology- Theory & practical go hand in hand.
  • Flexible training course designed to meet specific needs of freshers and working professionals.
Tech concept hub

Tech concept hub is a technology training institute. Established by technology experts in 2015 and presently operating in Pune.

Training is provided by trainers who are MNC professionals with sound domain knowledge and training experience. Training program structure and approach is designed as per of trainee’s objective.

Tech Concept Hub operates with the objective of helping trainees learn what/ why / how of technology. Concepts are explained backed with practical examples to enable better understanding. 

Tech Concept Hub bridges the gap between effort and learning.

When someone starts learning new technology, below are the challenges faced:

  • Information gathered is in bits & pieces. Not able to connect dots and visualize the big picture.
  • Not able to relate technology with practical business scenario.
  • It's so much interconnected and gives a hard time figuring out what to learn first and what to learn next. Not knowing where to start from.
  • Lack of proper guidance. Conceptually not clear hence not able to take any step independently.
  • Person has to keep searching different material for different topics. Absence of reference materials in logical order makes it time consuming and turns out be obstacle in learning process.
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Why prefer Tech Concept Hub over other training institutes?

  • Our training approach helps you understand concepts not just in isolation but also helps you connect dots to derive complete picture out of it. An activity in actual business has various impacts. Our training course helps you understand how things are interlinked to achieve this.
  • Every functionality in any software is to provide solution to certain business problem.  When you understand the business requirement then you tend to appreciate software functionality more and that’s how learning curve begins. Our training approach focuses on explaining software functionality/ concepts along with practical examples.
  • Concepts are presented in logical order which helps to learn faster.  Institute helps in learning new technology from scratch. Training content and approach is to answer what/ why/ how of technology.
  • Our training bridges the gap between your effort and learning.

Below picture depicts training schedule and approach

training schedule and approach